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The authors state that when assessing the parameters of regional development and their competitiveness, the industries, types of activities where the territory has significant capabilities are identified, specific goals and measures to implement the planned expansion of international cooperation in agricultural sector are identified. It is noted that one of the main tasks ensuring the innovative development of agro-industrial complex is to create favorable conditions for creating an innovation fund and mastering them in production andrestricting the existing differences between the results obtained and the potential of scientific and technological developments. It was revealed that in order to achieve a coherent and consistent policy of increasing and strengthening the domestic reserves of agricultural enterprises, effective foreign relations are needed that have an impact on various programs related to innovation. Global digital networks and smart farms, the latest achievements of genetics and breeding will become the technological base of agricultural production. The article reflects the concept of electronic agriculture, which can be represented by three elements that transform the agricultural sector into electronic. The role of information and computer technologies in the AIC is diverse and manifests itself in numerous areas of activity of rural producers. The most promising of them in the functioning of agricultural production in the East Kazakhstan region is the introduction of long-term innovative projects in animal husbandry (dairy and beef cattle breeding, meat poultry farming, construction of meat processing complexes, development of deer breeding and beekeeping.

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А. Ж. Зейнуллина
Государственный университет имени Шакарима

Т. Д. Айдарханова
Казахский гуманитарно-юридический инновационный университет

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Для цитирования:

Зейнуллина А.Ж., Айдарханова Т.Д. ИННОВАЦИОННОЕ РАЗВИТИЕ АПК КАЗАХСТАНА. Проблемы агрорынка. 2019;(4):55-61.

For citation:

Zeinullina A.Zh., Aidarhanova T... INNOVATIVE DEVELOPMENT OF AIC IN KAZAKHSTAN. Problems of AgriMarket. 2019;(4):55-61. (In Russ.)

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